Behind the Bitters: Titania


Titania is inspired by Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. The queen of the fairies in this story orchestrates the calamity of magic and chaos that ensues. The Titania bitters blend calls upon some dreamy magical herbs itself with mugwort, reishi and nettle. It is then accented by rich notes of cacao, coffee, nutmeg, and molasses; as thick and luxurious as a long summer’s night. Titania is a perfect blend for caffeine alternatives, hot chocolate and lattes.

On a medicinal note, besides being stimulating to the digestive system, I’ve included some powerhouse herbs here to protect the immune and cardiovascular system specifically. Taken in a daily tonic, Titania can be used to not just improve your gut health, but also help to keep these other systems running smoothly.

The Herbs

  • Reishi :: the mushroom of immortality contributes savory notes to give a good base to the blend. On the medicinal side, reishi has an impressive list of benefits including: boosting the immune system, relaxes muscles, improves sleep, eases chronic pain, aids heart function, reduces cholesterol and contains antioxidants.

  • Mugwort :: this classic magical herb is linked to the moon goddess Artemis and is used for purification and clairvoyance around the world. It is still used today to induce prophetic dreams. Mugwort also helps to improve circulation, stimulate digestion, and relieve cramping and bloating. This dreamy herb adds a light sweetness to the blend with notes of pine, cedar, and camphor.

  • Coffee :: In high doses, coffee as we know helps to stimulate the mind and increase urination. In this blend though, we use it for its roasted nutty flavor to compliment the other more indulgent herbs. If you’re using bitters as a caffeine alternative, this slight hint of coffee might be just enough to give you your daily fix without reaping the negative effects.

  • Cacao :: We are learning more and more about the medicinal benefits of cacao. So far we’ve concluded that it can keep the heart healthy, lower high blood pressure, relax the mood, and enhance circulation. It also has a reputation as being an aphrodisiac. We all know the classic chocolatey taste of cacao and I use it here to add a little flare to this rich blend.

  • Nutmeg :: In olden times, nutmeg was considered a cure-all and was prescribed to everything from the plague to menses issues. Nowadays it is mostly used to stimulate digestion and reduce bloating. Its euphoric quality with clove notes adds a bit of spice and lightness to the blend.

  • Nettle :: One of our most nutritious wild edibles, nettle also has a vast array of medicinal benefits with the most notable being its ability to help build healthy bones, joints, and skin. Within this bitters blend, nettle adds a sour salty balance to the base of the blend.

The Recipe

Chicory Latte

Servings :: 2


  • 1 tablespoon roasted chicory

  • 1 tablespoon roasted dandelion

  • 1 cup water

  • milk of choice

  • sweetener of choice

  • dash of Titania Bitters

  • dash of cinnamon


  1. Make a pot of tea using the dandelion and chicory roots and pour into two mugs.

  2. Mix in sweetener and bitters.

  3. Use a milk frother to make your steamed milk (trust me its worth it) and fill the rest of your glass with the milk. Scoop some foam on top and add a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Valerie Elkhorn